Introduction: The world’s definition of success is opposite and contradictory to God’s definition of success. The world defines and measures success based on what you have done, what you have accomplished and what you have accumulated. In today's study, we want to consider the biblical definition of success to see success in proper perspective of how God wants His children to view success in life.


A. What is God’s definition of success?
B. Who are you depending on for success?

What is God’s definition of success?

A.What is success? Success can be defined as being happy with what you’ve got. However, success should not necessarily be determined by material possessions or accomplishments. For instance, you can enjoy success simply by reaching the point where you are perfectly content with your life in every respect and you feel no dissatisfaction or pressing need for anything else. In this sense, you can be a success sitting by yourself in a quiet place contemplating the world! This is all a faulty model of success which is unstable and built upon a foundation that is shakable . It may have the outward appearance of the good life, but it is temporal and can dissipate like smoke and easily slip away like the shifting sands in the desert.

A. So what is success the biblical way or as God sees it?

a) Success is a function of who you have. Genesis 39:1-2 At the point of Joseph been sold into slavery and in this context, would you call him a successful man? Why? From this passage in Genesis 39:2, it is clear that success is not what you have but rather who you have.

Joseph literally had nothing materially, but at the same time, he had everything because the Lord was with him.
The material things that we have accumulated or are trying to amass do not make us a success.
It is the presence of the Lord in your life that makes you a success!

My submission is that we need to learn to stop pursuing things and to start pursuing Him because God sees our relationship with Him as the only thing that we need for every success in our life just like Joseph who started from level zero in every respect ( Completely naked, no bank account, no educational qualifications, no natural connection with people of influence, nothing) to become the hero. Jesus is with you and me to: -

• Help you
• Assist you
• Turn things around for your good
• To make good things happen for you
• Not to condemn or find fault with you but to make good things happen for you, around you and through you.

b) Success is a function of your self esteem. Acceptance of who God has made and called you to be. God sees you as a success and not a failure. 1 Samuel 16:7 God does not look as man looks. Man looks naturally as he sees things but God looks supernaturally into the heart of what should actually be.
i. Aaron in Exodus 28:1-2, 40-41 Even though God knew that Aaron was about to make the golden calf (Exodus 32) for the children of Israel to worship as God, yet God went ahead to tell Moses to consecrate him as the high priest. God sees you beyond you Now!
ii. Gideon in Judges 6: 11 He was a coward hiding in the forest to thresh his fathers wheat in a wine press, yet God called him a man of valour who will deliver the Israelites from the Midianites. And he surely did according to the word of God.
iii. If you would not, God cannot.


In the pursuit of your mission in life (It may be in your career, academics, business, marriage, family or in any endeavour in life), you will meet with loads of challenges where you will need others to come to your aid. Who you are depending on will determine your success or failure ultimately.

• You can make a choice to live your life depending on yourself to merit, earn, accomplish, fight for and and accumulate wealth and success according to the world definition. Proverbs 3:5-7
• You can make a decision to rely and depends on others. Psalms 20:7-8; Jeremiah 17:5-6
• You can make a decision today to live your life depending wholly and completely on Jesus, His merit and His accomplishments on the cross for your every success thereby allowing Him to carry all the stress, the burdens and anxieties etc that your circumstances may present.

• In time of crisis, He alone can rescue you.
• In time of betrayal in any area of your life, just as Joseph brothers betrayed him by selling him off helpless as a slave, He alone can sustain you with holding on strength.
• In any bleak situation or circumstances like hostility, persecution, unpleasant doctors report etc, it is not the end when the Lord is with you, depending on Him as your supporter and greatest ally.


Without Him, we cannot. Without us, He will not. This means we need to recognise the fact that if we do not depend on Jesus, there can be no real, long-lasting and abiding success-without Him, we cannot and without us, He will not because He will never forced Himself on us. Psalms 127:1-2 says “ Stop trying to rely or depend on your own merit but simply rely absolutely on His unmerited favour or grace to achieve your dream success.

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