The Protocol department are responsible for showing Hospitality to Strangers, manning the church premises during services. They are also responsible for the arrangement of guests. The mood and appearance of the Protocol Members at all times must be cheerful as the Protocol Members are representatives of the church. Their particular area of focus is on the Pastorate and Guest, providing them with great hospitality.


CAREER LIFTERS are responsible for boosting and or encouraging you towards employment.


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The Technical department are responsible for the maintenance of technical equipment and media coverage of the church. They setup musical instruments and audio equipment and record messages of every services.


The information technology (IT) department is responsible for the broadcasting of lyrics and bible passages during service. They also manage the churches social media and website.


The Legal department ensures that laws that can affect the church adversely are fought against. The Counselling department of rccg cra dudley offers confidential counsel and support to anyone dealing with difficult situations or circumstances. They are there to offer a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, or someone to help bring the wisdom of God to bear in the situation.


Youth empowerment encourage youths to get to know God and His ways within an atmosphere of love and fun. No tradition of men, it’s simply a fellowship with Christ. Youths get empowered to achieve their maximum and get to understand their mission on earth, how to achieve it and above all remain heaven bound. They will learn about God and His principles for effective adulthood. The leaders of the youth empowerment seek to help our youths share their gifts, grow in life skills, develop a positive self-image, overcome prejudices.


They are responsible following up on visitors who attend the church service for the first time and may wish to return.


The transportation department aims to ensure an efficient and hospitable service for its passengers to and from their homes picking them up from home or designated stops.


The Prayer Champion department are dedicated effective praying for amongst others, the spiritual growth of the church , mercies, thanksgiving, healing, deliverance, salvation of mankind, breakthrough, fruitfulness, revival, prosperity, peace, unity, joy in the Holy Ghost, and manifestation of apostolic signs and wonders to the Glory of God through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


The Sunday School department of the church is a group of people who have given themselves to the study of the word of God and having been fed , become a conduit through which the word of God is conveyed to His church during Sunday school.


The ushering department aim to facilitate a welcoming environment that is conducive for a robust encounter with God.


Children Church aims to equip the younger generation with Godly principles for everyday living in a fun-filled environment encouraging them to begin their own personal relationship with God.


They ensure that the church premises is a safe, conducive environment and meets with health and safety regulations. They do this by regular inspection and training of members in health and safety measures.

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